*this is a test* Airbrushart NWSLTTR Rosmalen 1

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Drupal Scooter

Project for a leading IT company, DataFlow / Ausy, who entered an Eco Scooter among all participants of the DrupalCon London 2011.

Project included the front fender, side skirts, custom striping and dash.

airbrushed drupal scooter - draw poster

Pirates of the Carribean scooter

Freehand airbrush on a scooter, in different aspects of the movie "Pirates of the Carribean".

Goldwing motorcycle

Different views of an airbrush project on a Honda Goldwing motorcycle.
Front fender and both sides.


Various motor helmets.
Bull dog
Star Wars

Wheel covers

Various wheel covers.
Wanted - for Belgium
Brabant horse
Indian girl
Golden horse
Wild horses

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