pissed off
trés chic
childly happy
cool baby

Emotion fashion

Dit is een academisch werk waar ik vooral de verschillende emoties of gevoelens wil vastleggen die men kan ervaren. bv; Als ik 's morgens ontwaak, hoe voel ik mij dan ? Slecht geslapen = Pissed off, opgelucht, ijdel,opgetut = Trés chic, vrolijken toch zo'n beetje kinderachtig = Childly happy, ...

Een project waar ik deze emoties op witte kledij schilder en deze blouses, hemden, t-shirts uitvoerig selecteer bij de tekening, om dit ook kracht bij te zetten.

About the author

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The urge for making great drawings with such a small pistol has been apparent for many years. Thanks to her professional activities owning a car shop, Christine was able to make her hobby a reality.

Christine attended an airbrush course more than 10 years ago with D. De Graef at CMO Leuven (Belgium), and has been painting ever since.

Christine likes to see detail. Her world is set in fantasy, dreams and emotions, wrapped in her own reality and fotorealism. She emphasizes on contemporary issues. New creations usually start from a picture, which then further broadens by fantasy.

Christine also attends the Monumental Art classes by Jenny Verbinnen at the HABK Aarschot.